Our aim is to continuously exceed the expectations of our client to deliver quality construction. Our team members verify all features of work.


Proactive safety planning helps us provide a safe working environment for everyone working on the project, people visiting the job site or working


Our partnership with our clients is based on mutual trust and we do what is best for our clients following our company’s values and methods.


To become an industry leader, it is important for us to encourage team work in order to solve any construction challenges and to achieve results.

Picture of Rajeev
Chief Managing Director

Mr. Rajeev Rai

He started out as a small contractor, undertaking and construction of small projects. In mid 30s and led the company from the front.

Picture of Gregory Schajz
Managing Director

Mrs. Gunjan Singh

The company is a symbol of his values, ideas and integrity that he has managed to bring to the company as well as the construction industry.

Picture of Bryan Bell
Business Coordinator

Mr. Dilip Tiwari

Bryan also believed in giving back to the community and has worked tirelessly to help the needy. He has undertaken multiple.

Picture of Alen Howell
Business Manager

Mr. Sanjay Kumar

Alen’s vision to transform the construction experience by building smart buildings is in our roots. Irrespective of the size of the project

About us

Purvanchalindia is the Most Professional Construction Company in VARANASI Right Now!!

20 Nov 2018

Purvanchalindia.com is a high-speed online portal which offers online features very easily in the global market. Purvanchalindia.com which is part of purvanchalindia infrabuild Pvt.Ltd, which was launched in May 2016. Purvanchalindia.com is the number one online property portal specially in Varanasi & Lucknow.
Purvanchalindia.com R & D research team brings an unique, reliable and cheapest services and the company mainly focuses on saving time and money and always tries to satisfy its clients.
The company recently focus on the cities like Varanasi & Lucknow and ours succeeding target is to provide its services across the India. .

Purvanchalindia.com is a unique online forum where any information related to buyer, seller and brokers can be used quickly, easily, effectively and un-expensively. Purvanchalindia.com provide the feature where retail or sellers can advertise their property directly to buyer as well as on Purvanchalindia.com seller can easily sell his/her property, renter an rent his/her property and buyer can easily buy.

Contact Details

C-32/4-I/2-S/2, Cantt Varanasi UP
+91-9682437777, +91-9682438888

Our Vision

20 Nov 2018

The vision of purvanchalindia.com is to save both time and money by providing its online connectivity between the buyer and seller. The company mainly target to fulfill what really a customer want in the real estate.
The company is convinced that all possible efforts should make to meet the actual needs of the buyer and seller.

Our Mission

Purvanchalindia’s mission is to easily make real estate industry reach to the people all over India with the help of its huge online services and customer can easily achieve their needs of real estate and Construction.
The company’s mission is to remove common problems faced by buyer and those of seller as well as minimizing the renter’s problem of adjustment between the places. Purvanchalindia.com recently providing its online services across the cities likes Varanasi and Lucknow along with its nearby places where people who are unaware of real estate can easily get access to the real estate facility and we are continuing to expand our online services to reach the peoples across the country.

Our Future Mission

Purvanchalindia.com which is a huge online portal through which company brings both the buyers and seller at the same platform where they can flexibly interact which each other helping them to save both their time and money.
The Company’s future plan is to enhance its services upto providing tenders, e-commerce as well as interior production supply which in future can let the user easily use the online portal as they need with saving their both time and money.


purvanchalindia is always looking to improve, to change.Because with change comes unseen possibilities.

Contact Details

C-32/4-I/2-S/2, Cantt Varanasi
+91-9682437777, +91-9682438888